Events - Just Dream

Events here imply Just Dream’s involvement in one area or many, whether organizing or assisting organize, promoting, running audio, designing/deploying lighting and decor, shooting photos, performing or multiple combinations of these, if it’s here we are tied to it in some way!

Just Dream has also been involved in producing vending markets at several events large and small, from belly dance to psytrance, and multiple things in between. With decor and lighting, along with a selected variety of vendors chosen for each show, Just Dream can help organize an added special vibe attached to any event, festival, or gathering.

If you’re looking to organize and produce any sort of event, whether it be a one off, wedding reception, birthday, or multi-day festival, Just Dream provides visionary consultation that can make your ideas come to life.

We aim to take your imagined event from dream to reality, and have extensive resources to do so.

Sorry, no upcoming events to display at this time. Check back later for updates!