Impulse*A Waning Moon Campout - Just Dream

Impulse*A Waning Moon Campout

6/1/18 3:00 pm - 6/19/18 12:00 pm

Join us for a camp-out under the stars and the waning gibbous moon as we propel through time and space experiencing extraordinary dimensions of sight and sound.
Showcasing some of the best Galactic Grooves this side of the Kuiper belt being served up from some of the most skillful artisans of their craft; KAMINANDA from Merkaba Music & Desert Trax will be joining us alongside a very large array of exemplary local talent.

Featuring the return of the LATE NIGHT LOUNGE
As we transition further into the late edge of each night, you’ll notice the environment around you transforms and comes to life with a vibrant display of live performances and stellar music that will titillate your senses and blow your mind! This starlight soiree will feel like your own exclusive outdoor psychedelic speakeasy.

**Just Dream will be the official photographer, organizer of the vending village and performance coordinator.**